Basic youth group organization

Submitted by Ignatius on December 10, 2014 - 3:42am

These are the tasks that need to be organised for a youth night and other related issues 

  1. Intercession
    1. Who ensures the night is being prayed for?
    2. Prayer cards distributed in the parish?
    3. An intercession time?
    4. Executive praying for the group daily? 
  2. Music
    1. Who is playing that night
    2. What music are they playing. 
    3. What key is it in. 
    4. Do the musicians have the music. 
    5. When are they going to practice?
    6. If someone can't make it, do they need a fill in?
    7. What sound equipment is needed? Who is going to bring the sound equipment? 
  3. Talk
    1. Who is delivering the talk?
    2. What resources do they need?
  4. Games
    1. Who is running the games?
    2. Do you need any props? Who is going to get/bring the props?
  5. MC
    1. Who is going to MC the night?
  6. Keys
    1. Who is going to open up and close up?
    2. Do we have the key?
  7. Food and Drink
    1. Who is going to bring food and drink?
    2. What food and drink is needed?
    3. Who is going to pay for it?
  8. Clean up
    1. Who is going to do the clean up? Vacuuming and mopping?
    2. Should there be a roster for clean up?
  9. Fund raising
    1. Who is going to raise money for the youth group?
    2. How is going to be done?
  10. Advertising
    1. How is advertising going to happen? Who is in charge of it?
    2. Who needs to check what is said in the advertising?
    3. Parish bulletin? Who will take responsibility for it?
    4. Facebook. Who is in charge of Facebook communication?
    5. Website?
    6. Flyers?
    7. Posters?
  11. Pastoral Care
    1. Who has pastoral responsibility for the group?
    2. What happens when difficult situations happen?
    3. Theft in the group? 
  12. Emergency Situations
    1. First aid situations?
    2. Fire?
    3. Unwanted visitors?