Connect Magazine

Submitted by James on July 3, 2015 - 4:54am

Purpose of Connect Magazine

With the Connect Magazine, we aim to advertise local youth groups and youth activities during this year's summer holidays as well as subsequent years.  Connect Magazine is aimed at young people who may be going to Mass but uninterested and young people who might not be going to Mass who could/should be.  

It is aimed that Connect would be available on this website with one issue per term.  Furthermore, hard copies will eventually be distributed throughout Mazenod College and would be distributed to the Mazenod feeder parishes, for their youth.  This will allow parents to distribute the magazine to their kids, thus targeting youth who do not attend Mass but could be.  

In the first issue, we aim to advertise local youth groups and upcoming youth events for this summer holidays.  We also hope to include an article, perhaps a testimony which would appeal to people who do not participate in Catholic rituals on a regular basis.  For the first issue, we have a feature article about Daniel Wells, AFL footballer.  We would also include some information about MAYO, what we do, and what our purpose is.  

As we are targeting people who do not attend Mass, it is imperative that the magazine is appealing and encourages people to take a copy.  

In order to ensure that the magazine is possible, I need to find a group who I can work with.  Most importantly would be someone who is good at graphic design, who could organize the layout of the magazine.  Other people could write articles and produce information about youth groups they have attended.  Another job would be interviewing youth about the importance and goodness of the Mass, to encourage people to attend.  Once I have a team together, we can work on the production of our first issue, which we aim to release in term four, this year.