Creating a new Space for a project or youth group

Submitted by rjzaar on July 2, 2015 - 10:36am

This website allows a 'space' to be created for a project or youth group. The characteristics of the space have already been explained as a group. This page will describe how to actually create the space.

Creating the Space

Under the 'house' menu you will find 'add new space' or you can click here, better still use the 'tour' feature by clicking here. You can always edit it if you have made a mistake or delete it if epic fail. At a minimum you will need to set the title and description. You will need to add it to a menu, if it is a youth group then make 'Youth Groups' the parent, or if a project then 'Projects'. If it is a very specific MAYO project then make 'MAYO' the parent. 

Once the space is created, you can add some sections - you will see 'create new section' by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the group name in the menu. 

You can add extra links to the group menu. When you are on the space page, click edit, then you will see a little wheel on the far right, hover over it and then click on 'config'. Then choose menu. You may need to enable the menu and add a link. If you need to share files with the group, you should create a Google folder (if a Mazenod student, use the college google drive). Allow the public to view (but not edit) the folder. Add a link to the folder. 

You should also create a 'folio' page. If you hover over Help Desk, then choose 'Site Help'. Click on 'Projects' then click on 'add child page'. See these instructions for what to add. 

You should add some members to the group and give particular members 'Admin' rights to the group.

The space page itself can have all kinds of things added to it. First you would want to change its layout by clicking on 'change layout' in the top right. Then choose customise this page which will allow you to move 'blocks' around the layout and add new ones. You can add a map, some text, a video, a banner, or content from your group, or content from the site, or a list, or ... there are many choices - have a look around at what you can do. 

Remember if you have stuffed up something, you can edit it or delete it.