Submitted by rjzaar on July 1, 2015 - 3:49am

This site allows any leader to create a new group. Most of the features on this site revolve around groups. A group has a 'space' which provides a variety of sections that can be added and members can be added. A group could be a subgroup (subspace) of another group. Members of a group can be put into teams (click on the member's link to see this). Some of the sections that can be added are:

Calendar: A calendar is added which allows events to be added to the group. 

Default: this is a single webpage, but it can be modified to add all sorts of 'blocks'. A block could be text, an image, a video, a list of resources, an activity stream, a map, a calendar. Blocks can contain information this is on other pages on this site. It is highly configurable.

Discussion: like a forum. It can be set up so all Discussion posts are sent to all group members or a team or individuals. Once a post is sent as an email. It can be replied to which will email it to all members that are subscribed and posted to the discussion forum as well.

Documents: It is pretty similar to the discussion section, but how the docs are listed compared to the discussion posts is a bit different. Both can have attachments and 'paragraphs'.

Files: for uploading files.

Tasks: for setting up tasks and assigning them to people.

Extra features:

Folios: Each group should have a folio which explains what the group is about, its history, current projects and what skills to learn and how to learn them. A folio must be set up as a 'book'. Discussion posts and documents can be added to a book or made into a book. A book links particular webpages (pages) into chapters within a book. Once in a book it will have some extra navigation to the page before and after and be able to move up a level in the book. To create the order of pages you will need to change the 'weight' of the page in comparison to the other page weights and set the parent page.