How to start/run a project

Submitted by rjzaar on July 2, 2015 - 4:30am

Starting a new project is easy. First you should pray about it and for it. Then you will need to talk to the MAYO president by contacting him via this website or talking to him. This will help clarify what you want to do and to see if we are already doing something similar. 

Once the project has the go ahead he will give you leader status on this website so you can create a 'space' on this website for your project. 

Creating your space for the project

See these instructions for creating the space.

Running the project

It is then up to you to keep your project going and developing. One thing to keep in mind is that you want your project to last. That means you want to put yourself out of the leadership position by training someone else to be the leader. 

Passing on the project to others

It is important that someone else can take up the leadership where you have left off. The Project Help Page is essential for that to happen. Make sure it is up to date and ready for the next person to run (or someone else to start a similar project) the project.


The MAYO president is the key person to support you and help make the project a success.