Submitted by rjzaar on July 1, 2015 - 3:22am

Anyone who wants to contribute to MAYO or one of itss projects can join Mayostudios.org. You may only be interested in a particular project, eg MAYOcraft and there is no expectation of being involved in other projects or MAYO itself. While this site is primarily for MAYO other affiliated groups are welcome to use this site for their purposes. If you want to become affiliated, please contact us. Local youth groups are a special case (see below).

Once you join the site you can apply to join the various groups on the site. Once you are in a group you can add posts through the site. Some posts will be automatically emailed to each member of the group. You can then reply to the email which will automatically be sent to all members of that group and also be posted onto the site. 

A member of a group can be given admin status which means that person can add features to the group, modify how that group looks. Approve members into that group. Make other members admins. Basically an admin has total control of the group.

The site admins can make any site member a leader. A leader has the ability to create new groups. A leader is also part of the leader's group.

A developer can do anything with the site since they have the role of improving the site and making it work and look better. 

Part of the MAYO mission is to encourage youth to participate in their parishes, particularly if the parish has a youth group. Therefore we advertise all the local youth groups around the MAYO group. Ideally a member of that youth group should maintain their youth group's page on this site. To make things as easy as possible we are using various technologies to automatically update the site with youth group events.

We reserve the right to cancel any membership at our disgression.