Submitted by rjzaar on September 3, 2015 - 2:52am

This project is about making rosary beads, promoting praying rosaries and distributing rosary bead kits.

Beads can be bought from: https://www.rosarymakingparts.com/ 

String: from C.H.Smith Marine, Collingwood, 9417 1077 

String: Product code TWB080. Description: 210/18 WHITE Z TWIST - 250GMS.

The glue used to make sure the last knot does not come undone is made using half craft glue and half nail polish remover (acetone).

Making the string ends tough:

Just cutting string to length will not work well. The string needs to be looped to length and one end of the loop dipped in half water/half polyurethane solution and left to dry. Once dried, it is cut in the middle of the dipped end and viola, stiff ends ready for making rosary beads.