What are MAYO's aims?

Submitted by rjzaar on July 2, 2015 - 4:17am

MAYO provides an opportunity for students to help build the kingdom of God through various projects. It seeks to nurture student's personal relationship with Jesus to the point where they discern their call in life and live it out. We do this in the fullness of the Catholic faith. Everything in MAYO is shared so other's can use what we create and even start their own groups similar to MAYO. MAYO encourages students to not be a consumer of the culture of death, but a producer of the culture of life. Whatever is the student's talents, MAYO encourages those students to use their talents for God through initiating new projects or contributing to current ones. MAYO wants to contribute to an authentic Catholic youth culture and so wants to help support (and if need be initiate) local youth groups and their interaction. MAYO wants to live out the Oblate Charism. Just as St. Eugene OMI started his youth group and had a role for everyone in it, so we too have a place for everyone. Inspired by Fr MAYO OMI and his companions who were martyrs so too we want to witness to the faith even when it's unpopular. As St. Eugene teaches us to "Leave nothing undared for the Kingdom of God."