Who is Fr MAYO OMI?

Submitted by rjzaar on July 2, 2015 - 3:30am

MAYO is named after Rev. Prof. Juan Antonio Perez Mayo OMI who died a martyr in Spain in 1932. He was a professor at 26, and was martyred at 29 years old. His process for sainthood is current. MAYO is also an acronym for Mission Action Youth Organization. This is a similar title to the Mission Action Day run at Mazenod College each year to raise funds for the missions. MAYO also seeks to take its inspiration from the youth organization begun by St. Eugene himself, the Sodality of Christian Youth. MAYO seeks to fulfil St. Eugene's wish of forming saints, ie, make them human, make them Christian, make them saints. It is hoped that through the program students will become the future leaders within the Church to serve Christ as He calls them. It is a place for that call to be heard and responded to, and thus to leave nothing undared for the kingdom of God.

Fr MAYO was martyred on 24th July 1936.

The Feast day of the Oblate Spanish Martyrs is 28th November.