Ω0 Omega Prayer

Submitted by rjzaar on April 30, 2017 - 1:56pm

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The Omega stage is both a right of passage and a spiritual stage. Those who have covered the requirements of the becoming an Omega member of MAYO are invited to become Omega members and be inducted. Induction is really a spiritual step and not really a commitment to MAYO itself. All the parts of the induction process itself is to Christ through Mary and the Church with the aim of doing God's will. The Omega member is then invited to take on an Ignatian retreat to discern what God is calling them to. In other words what should you be doing rather than MAYO. MAYO's job is done when the person is able to truly know God's will for their life and do it. Of course you don't need to be inducted at all. You can just keep growing in Christ and take on the Ignatian retreat without it. Induction is really a way to ask God and Mary for their help and to say, I really do want to live my life for you. 

The Omega stage is the third stage of MAYO spirituality: to do whatever God calls you to. In other words to discern God's call upon your life. To presume that you will know what God's exact will is by doing a particular retreat or prayer, is presumption. But you can develop the skills to apply to your life that will definitely lead you in the right direction. The best formation for this is an Ignatian retreat which is normally completed in silence for a month at a retreat centre with a spiritual director. For us, we suggest you complete it over 32 weeks (one week covers one day) in your current situation. It is presumed that you are sufficiently formed to begin an Ignatian retreat which includes:

1) Regular prayer times that includes at least three weekly prayer times of a half hour of meditation or contemplation.

2) Daily examen

3) Monthly spiritual direction

4) Monthly reconciliation

5) Having read the Timothy Gallagher books on Exam, Discernment, Consolation and Discerning God's will.

Undertaking an Ignatian retreat is an adventure. You don't know what God is going to do in you through the retreat. It is far more than just getting a particular answer to prayer but a deeper inner transformation that leads you to abide in Christ so you bear much fruit (Jn 15). Having completed the retreat you will be able to move forward in your Christian walk.