χ3 Spiritual Direction

Submitted by rjzaar on April 30, 2017 - 1:56pm



Spiritual direction is an opportunity to share, deepen and clarify one`s spiritual life. It is primarily focused on the question, What is God doing in my life? But also deals with the questions of:

What is God's call upon my life

Am I praying well?

What area of my life should I be working on at the moment?

How can I grow spiritually at this time?

These are global questions, but normally it is in the daily struggles and questions that the guidance of spiritual direction can have the greatest impact. It is an opportunity for honesty and openness, of really facing issues. It can be just a matter of sharing about it without any guidance, that that is all that is needed to help someone progress. Some issues are hard to express, there may be times of silence as the person needs time to just find words to express what is happening. That can be blessing enough. Here are some questions that can be helpful

Who do I most struggle with to love?

Who do I need to forgive the most and why?

What area of sin am I weakest in? How am I dealing with that issue?

Am I growing in my relationship with God?

Am I growing in my relationship with my parents?

Am I growing in my relationship with my siblings?

For the last three questions: why/why not? What should I do about it?

Am I completing all my responsibilities?

Spiritual direction is non-judgmental but only seeks to support and encourage. The sacrament of reconciliation is available during spiritual direction. No question or issue is too small or big for spiritual direction.

These questions do not need to be dealt with in the first session, but can provide a starting point for sharing. Usually there is a time for the director to get to know the person so as to better help him or her, and as time goes on to start to deal with any of these questions or areas.

It is good to start with a prayer asking for God`s blessing and guidance, and to finish with a prayer for the Lord`s will to be done. All advice is to be taken with a grain of salt and it is up to the person to decide what to do and how to respond. It is a mutual journey.