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Contribute to making rosary beads and making rosary bead making kits


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Help Make Rosary Beads Thang Normal Task Open 0 6 years 4 months ago

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Tuesday, March 29 2016

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    Improve the current Rosary Bead Making video: ISO here and folder here.

    The videos really need to be taken again. And uploaded to a MAYO youtube channel.

    The important decision is the size of the rosary bead making tool and the particular method of doing the knots. This needs to be worked out first. Then the videos can be remade. Or are there already good videos out there?

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    The aim of this project is to make rosary bead making kits and sell them. We already have a deal with Divine Mercy Publications who will sell the kits for us. 

    We need to put together a kit which includes the right amount of materials and then deliver the kits to Divine Mercy Publications. Also local primary schools may also be interested in the kits.

    1. Work out the materials that need to go into each kit.
      1. Number of beads (number of one colour and number of the other colour)
      2. Number of strings
      3. Number of crosses
      4. Number of tools
      5. Rosary bead making instructions
      6. Rosary bead making CD?
      7. Special glue?
      8. Bag for the materials
      9. Marketing label (A4 sheet in bag with the materials behind it).
    2. Put the kits together.
    3. Deliver to Divine Mercy Publications.
    4. Advertise to schools and offer to use their school colours in the kits. Also advertise through this website and other MAYO channels.
    5. Put the kits together
    6. Deliver the kits. Could also help with giving the students help when making the beads.
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    The Rosary bead making group makes rosaries each Wednesday lunchtime at Mazenod. This is the guide to making Rosary beads.

    There are instructions here. You can burn a CD of an instructional DVD here (it is a big file so it will take a while to download). You can see the videos and pictures here.

     You can buy the beads from https://www.rosarymakingparts.com/

    To make the rosary bead making tool, simply cut up an old umbrella to make the little tools. You will need to not just cut, but also file a bit so there are no burrs or bends on the end. 

    To make the string we use:

    Strings from C.H.Smith Marine, Collingwood, 9417 1077 

    String: Product code TWB080. Description: 210/18 WHITE Z TWIST - 250GMS.

    I cut the strings at approx 340mm. The ends are dipped in Polyeuerethane clear. I have been getting about 350 strings from a reel (which costs $7.70 the last time I bought any). The strings are made into bundles of 50 or 100.

    To finish off the rosary we put a special glue (half craft glue and half nail polish remover) (acetone) on the last knots created.

    We have also created a tool to get the string into the right length. This is Des' version. We have created our own version (we should upload a picture of it.)

    Happy Rosary Bead making!