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This is the mayo rosaries group this group allows you acsess to the information you need to make your own rosary beads and to source the materials.

How to use the Rosaries Beads? 

1. Make the "Sign of the Cross" and pray the "Apostles' Creed"

2. Pray the "Our Father" 

3. Pray three "Hail Marys" 

4. Pray the "Glory be to the Father" 

5. Announce the First Mystery, then pray the "Our Father" 

6. Pray ten "Hail Marys." while meditating on the Mystery. 

7. pray the Glory be to the Father." 


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MAYOCraft is a program where we use today's technology to spread the message of God. People get together on Minecraft servers to build Christian related structures. We also build minigames that include the significance of Christ. Good Teamwork is needed and therefore, through MAYOCraft, we combine our modern day technology and faith together.


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Find out about all things MAYO.

What is MAYO? 

MAYO (Mission Action Youth Organisation) is an Oblate initiative at Mazenod College Mulgrave. It has evolved out of students who were involved in a year 9 Extension RE program. It seeks to primarily allow students to come to life-long personal relationship with Christ within the Oblate Charism, be formed through catechesis, apostolate, friendship and prayer to discern their personal vocation in life and then live it out, whatever it may be.